There have to be Rules!

  • Only members of 100 Norfolk Men Who Give a Damn or presenters from a proposed charity who are introduced to the meeting by a member are able to nominate charities and pitch them to our group.
  • Nominations forms must be sent in one week before the meeting and you will be informed by email if you have qualified three days in advance. To be eligible the established not-for profit or charity must be Norfolk based and serve our community. They must have a charitable registration and be able to provide tax receipts.
  • Names of charity and presenter will be drawn from all eligible submissions at the beginning of the meeting. Presentations will be made in the order they are drawn. If selected you will have 5 minutes to present your idea to the group followed by a brief question period from our members. A charity can be nominated at each meeting so long as it has not been the recipient of the group’s donations in the past. Winning charities will not be eligible to apply again for three years but the member is welcome to present for a different charity. The exception will be a specific program in a large organization i.e. a hospital which will be able to be considered for a different program or department one year after winning. We will accept multiple nominations for a charity but will only allow one presentation per meeting for any charity.
  • Each member present gets one vote. Members who are not able to attend should send their blank cheque with another member but the other member will not be able to vote on your behalf.
  • We all agree to give $100 to the selected charity at each meeting even if it was not the charity we voted for.
  • Winning charities will provide “success notes” for distribution three weeks before the next meeting and will be asked to give a 5 minute report at that meeting to tell our group how our donation made a difference. Winning charities will bring the individual tax receipts to the next meeting so there will be no costs for mailing. It is the member’s responsibility to pick up their receipts.
  • None of the money donated will be used for administration costs for either our group of the selected charity.
  • It is important for the success of our group that you commit for the full year. It will then be up to you if you continue.
  • The meetings are designed to last less than one hour making it an efficient use of our time and giving us time to socialize and network both before and after.
  • 100 Norfolk Men Who Give a Damn will host an optional fifth meeting the third Wednesday of June each year when any not for profit organizations in Norfolk who do not have a charitable registration and cannot provide tax receipts will have the opportunity to present to our group. All other rules and procedures remain the same as regular meetings. This meeting will not be part of your annual commitment but members are encouraged to attend and support.